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 Spéciale Onetwo reportée/Portponed -> 10.06

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   Posté le 03-06-2007 à 16:08:18   Voir le profil de Zen2003 (Offline)   Répondre à ce message   Envoyer un message privé à Zen2003   

L'émission spéciale avec interview du groupe ONETWO initialement prévue pour ce soir, 2 juin, est reportée au DIMANCHE 10 JUIN...

Ce soir, rediff de l'émission du 27 Mai


The special Show dedicated to ONETWO, planned for tonight, June 2nd is postponed to SUNDAY JUNE 11th

Last week show will be rebroadcasted instead.
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   Posté le 03-06-2007 à 16:09:10   Voir le profil de Zen2003 (Offline)   Répondre à ce message   Envoyer un message privé à Zen2003   

PART ONE 21h05 - 22h20 :
Days of fate - Lonely People
Lakeside x - Sway
Emotional violence - In Your Memory (First Mix)
Vitriol - Perfect chemistry
Assemblage 23 - Meta
Conscience - Someone I Might Forget Tomorrow
Edge Of Dawn - Pray For Love
Jan W - 1000 Fragen (Dimanche Noir Remix)
Fake The Envy - Tell Me Tell Me
Noyce TM - Headland
Obscenity trial - Daydream (Naghavi Mix)
VNV nation - Carry You
Minerve - High Pitched Emotions
Commuter - The Transmitter
Ultraviolet - Electronic Love Machine (Rupesh Cartel Remix)
Waiting For Words - Cause i do believe (abstract commuter mix)

PART TWO 22h20 - 23h45 :
ADC Level - Judgement Day
Eva Concept - Still
Foretaste - Precious (Vocals by Digital Machine)
Marsheaux - Home
Onetwo - Kein Anschluss (Blank & Jones Rhythmus Raum Remix)
CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
Sopho - Visionary dream (Georgia)
Tears For Fears - Closest Thing to Heaven Solasso Club Mix
A-Ha - Celice (Paul Van Dyk's Vocaliz Remix)
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
OMD - Souvenir - Lv 1981.12.04 - Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
OMD - Walking On The Milky Way
Ultraviolet - The Best Part of Me
Minerve - It's quiet ( Take this break Remix by Victim in Vain )
Depeche Mode - Martyr (Commuter Mix Beta 1)
Waiting For Words - Travelling Man (Arpegiator Rough Remix by Foretaste)

PART TWO 23h45 - 00h40 :
Recoil - Prey
Days Of Fate - Perfect Time
Alpinestars - Snow Patrol (Part 2)
Sophie Ellis Bextor - The Distance Between Us
OMD - Only Tears
Onetwo - Home (Tonight)
Minerve - Crush
Ultraviolet - Your voice is my guide
Recoil - The Killing Ground
Sjukdom - Kyoto Song (Unplugged)
OMD - The Beginning And The End
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